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'Afternoon Shift' Episode 116: Pet Peeves

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On Friday's Afternoon Shift we talk about pet peeves.

First Hour

Share the Road:  Rahm Emanuel has said that he wants to make the Windy City “the bike-friendliest city in the country.” We may be getting closer to that goal; earlier this year, Bicycling Magazine rated Chicago the fifth most bike-friendly city in the nation. Still, anyone who has braved the streets in a car or a bike knows that sharing them is often easier said than done.  We ask drivers and cyclists to weigh in with their experiences of co-existing on the roadways. Plus, Chicago Department of Transportation Bike Safety and Education Manager Charlie Short will be on-hand to clear up any discrepancies on cycling rules.

Insight Labs: Is our style of democracy still relevant to Millennials?  Jeff Leitner and Howell J. Malham Jr. of Insight Labs have led conversations about this very topic, and join us to fill us in on what they’ve learned.

Second Hour
3@3 (or 4 or 5):  
Mick Dumke (Chicago Reader) & Kristen Mack (Chicago Tribune) review some of the big news items of the past week.

Sports Update: The Chicago Bears are in training, and WBEZ sports blogger Cheryl Raye-Stout fills us in on what’s happening on the pre-season gridiron.

Neil Hamburger and Tim Heidecker:   The comedians are in town tonight as part of their comedy tour (at Lincoln Hall).  We speak with the characters about their life on TV, screen and stage, and see how life on the road together is treating them

Neil Hamburger (real name: Gregg Turkington) - self-proclaimed American’s Funnyman - takes on celebrities, his (fictional) ex-wife, his interviewer and his audience.  The Hamburger character is a downright acerbic, grumpy man with a bloated ego who utterly lacks self-awareness - and, that’s on a good day.  Turkington tours relentlessly as his Hamburger character.  As Hamburger, he appeared regularly on Tom Green’s internet show, on Tim and Eric, and even hosted his own interview show for a short while, Poolside Chats with Neil Hamburger on The Channel at  His latest comedy album is Live At Third Man.

Tim Heidecker is one half of the comedic duo, Tim and Eric.  Along with his cohort, Eric Wareheim, Heidecker co-hosted Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, an 11-minute show on Adult Swim (and, brought to the Cartoon Network by former Chicagoan, Bob Odenkirk).  Heidecker’s other TV collaboration with Wareheim is Tom Goes to the Mayor.  The two also collaborated for the 2012 film, Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie, and Heidecker appeared solo in a tiny role in Kristen Wiig’s hit comedy, Bridesmaids.

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