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Best Game in Town: Rising temperatures mirror political climate

Best Game in Town: Rising temperatures mirror political climate


With less than 100 days before the general election, August temperatures aren’t the only things on the rise. Political campaigns have grown more contentious—and expensive. President Obama shattered fundraising records when he raised more than $750 million for his 2008 campaign. But that was before Citizens United. The Supreme Court decision recognized political spending as a form of protected free speech, giving corporations and unions the ability to spend unlimited amounts of money to support or denounce a candidate. And while Obama remains the reigning champ, Mitt Romney appears to be the odds-on favorite to get dough from America’s top CEOs. According to a review of federal records by NBC News, the former governor and presumptive Republican nominee, charms four chief executives for every one the president nabs.

Campaign cash isn’t the only high-stakes game in presidential politics—it’s not even the best pun. For that, political watchdogs and odds-makers look to the almighty Veepstakes. Still no word on a ticket-mate for Romney but time is running out (pun entirely intended): The Republican National Convention kicks off in Tampa, Florida on August 27th.

So, as the political climate began to boil, Afternoon Shift threw the Best Game in Town back on the burner. Host Steve Edwards was joined by a pair of political strategists: Democrat Kitty Kurth and Republican Doug O’Brien, of Prairie State Strategies. Together they tackled a host of hot topics--from key local Congressional races to campaign blunders made thus far.

With the party conventions on the horizon, O'Brien (not this one, the other one) expects the events to be a  bit of a snooze--unless Romney announces Justin Bieber as his VP. To which I say, in the name of Beliebers the world over..."Never Say Never."

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