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Tuesday's Break Room for 'Afternoon Shift': Regina Spektor and Megan Reilly

On Tuesday's Afternoon Shift, The Break Room features Regina Spektor with the song "Don't Leave Me" off of her most recent album What We Saw From The Cheap Seats. Hailing from the Soviet Union, Spektor is an accomplished singer-songwriter with a technically proficient musical background. She has opened for such high profile groups as The Strokes and Kings of Leon and her songs have been featured in numerous commericals, films, and television shows.

The Break Room also features New York based singer-songwriter Megan Reilly with the song "To Seal My Love" off of her new album The Well. Since releasing her debut in 2003, Reilly has continued to make creative leaps in her songcraft and the combination of her country-tinged voice with an enigmatic vulnerability captivate listeners from all different walks of life.

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