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Activists head into second day of protests in Chicago

SHARE Activists head into second day of protests in Chicago

Protesters in Chicago continue to draw attention to the cases of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. While the men lived a thousand miles apart, one in New York City and the other in Ferguson, Missouri, they met similar fates this summer. Both men were black. Both unarmed. And both died at the hands of white police officers. When two grand juries chose not to indict the officers who took their lives, demonstrators took to the streets from coast to coast. This morning, eight year-old Emet Shifrin was one of about 25 peaceful protesters near the intersection of Division and Ashland. His mother Erin Webber Shifrin, who is white, says she brought her son out to show him that even though he may not be experiencing discrimination, he still needs to stand up for people who are. We’re also checking in with Chip Mitchell to see how this protest develops.

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