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Daily Rehearsal: Dan Savage at 'The Homosexuals'

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Daily Rehearsal: Dan Savage at 'The Homosexuals'

Dan Savage at the 2011 Webby Awards AP/Charles Sykes

Dan Savage at the 2011 Webby Awards (AP/Charles Sykes)

1. Dan Savage was seen at The Homosexuals on Saturday night.

2. The Night Roars Cabaret is at the darkroom tonight. Their will be nine performances, each only five minutes long, which means you can be out in the time it takes to watch an episode of CSI. Presented by Striding Lion, it will include work by The Ladies Ring Shout, The Catamounts, Synapse Arts’ Factor Ricochet Ensemble, The Harlotry & Necromancy Appreciation Society, several Striding Lion Performance Groups, and others.

3. The Armando Diaz Experience is at 8:30 and 10:30 tonight at iO. The show, which they call Chicago’s longest running comedy show (who keeps track of these things? Is that even true? Is there some board with the records for this information?) and if you’re lucky, some big-wig who started the show (Adam McKay, Dave Koechner or Armando Diaz himself) will be there to entertain you.


4. The Exiled Trilogy continues on by Theater Y, with Albert Camus’ The Misunderstanding wrapping up this summer’s season on the 19th. It’s at the Lacuna Artists Lofts in Pilsen. Be warned: this is not an uplifting play.

5. Hannibal Burress did well at his Saturday night show at Zanies, where he’ll be until July 17. Don’t expect him to do anything particularly Chicago-centric through -- he told The A.V. Club that “I’m trying a few new things, but I’ll also do some stuff that works. I’ve got some new stuff that I haven’t done in Chicago yet that’s pretty solid and works, but I’ll also try a few new things. I’ll still be sure to keep it a good show.”

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