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Winter is here — or at least it is in my hometown. Which means it’s time to crown the fattest bear in Southeast Alaska, a tradition as authentically bizarre as Alaska itself. Meet Holly, this year’s winner. As New York Magazine put it in their article about Holly, “May we honor her by spending our autumns caring for others, devoting energy to ourselves, and enjoying good food and great hair.”

Speaking of self-care, and thusly Lizzo, Nerdette producer Justin sent me a GREAT fake music video, a literal depiction of the lyrics of “Truth Hurts” in MS Paint. (Trust me, it’s awesome.)

Hey, you know what else is great? Jacqueline Woodson’s Red at the Bone. It’s a short book — barely 200 pages — but somehow Jacqueline manages to create a lush and layered family landscape that’s so easy to revel in and relate to. I posted about it on Nerdette’s Instagram this week, which you should follow for book reviews and occasional corgi pics!

And in the delicious department, I’d like to recommend this amazing smoky carrot dip from Bon Appetit, adapted from Detroit’s Oche bakery. It’s kind of like that beet dip I wouldn’t shut up about — rich and creamy and rooty and zesty and addictive.

Ok, that’s it for now! We’ll be back with a new episode next Friday. Til then, see you on the twitters! (And if you like what you just read, sign up here to get it delivered to your inbox every Friday.)

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