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#1928: I'm Stupid's Brother

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Tom and Ray prove they are their brother's keepers, until Ray's explanation for Becky's smelly Toyota goes too far off the deep end. Elsewhere, Arlene bought an old Volvo for her teenage daughter, who promptly drove it off road and tried to fix its overheating by pouring Mountain Dew in the radiator. Does Arlene need to find her daughter a better teacher, or a convent? Also, Kate's mechanic husband can't figure out why her car has touble starting; Warren wants to treat his Olds to a paint job, but his wife is convinced that will make it die within two months; and Newton is still trying to figure out how his driver in Africa kept his Land Rover running for 60 miles by sitting on the engine with his hand over the carburetor. All this, plus the truth about lying, and lots more.

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