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Season 2

A new investigative series podcast from WBEZ.

A college student dies on her 21st birthday in Spain. Authorities rule her death an accident. Years later, questions arise surrounding the man she was with that night. 

In Season 2 of WBEZ’s Motive podcast, we follow a group of young women seeking justice abroad. This new investigative series examines allegations of sexual assault and sexual abuse in Spain, why there was silence for almost a decade, and what happens next now that these women are finally coming forward.

Find Season 1 of Motive here.


Episode 1: Lauren Bajorek

A student dies on her 21st birthday in Spain. Years later, questions arise after a TV segment airs about someone she was with that night.
February 6, 2020


Episode 2: Gabrielle Vega

Gabrielle Vega alleges her tour guide raped her in 2013. Years later, she learns she’s not the only one. So she does something about it.
February 7, 2020


Episode 3: Blackout

A look at the double-standard often applied in cases of sexual assault.
February 14, 2020


Episode 4: Can’t Tell Anyone

Why is sexual assault still so underreported?
February 21, 2020


Episode 5: Did Anyone Know?

While studying abroad in Spain, two students reported to police and their school they had been sexually assaulted. It didn’t go as expected.
February 28, 2020


Episode 6: The Investigation

A prosecutor opened a criminal investigation almost two years ago. We go to Spain to see what’s happening.
March 13, 2020


Episode 7: La Manada, The Wolfpack

How “The Wolfpack” verdict in 2016 ignited mass protests in Spain, kicking off the country’s #MeToo movement.
March 20, 2020


Episode 8: The ‘After’

In the final episode, the Motive team looks at everything after an assault, including the emotional toll and the decision to pursue justice.
March 27, 2020


Trailer: A New Season of WBEZ's 'Motive'

An investigative series that follows a group of young women seeking justice abroad and examines why there was silence for almost a decade.
January 24, 2020

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