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Remembering the war at home

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Orland Park resident and curious CPA Bill Healy is a World War II history buff. Recently he was out with some friends after a game of golf and one of them brought up German POW camps in the suburbs. Bill was shocked! He'd never heard of them before, so he wrote Curious City to see what we could dig up. 

We've paired Bill up with independent reporter Edie Rubinowitz to help separate fact from fiction and unearth details about a history unkown to many Chicagoans. You can follow the investigation as it happens via the reporter's notebook below. If you have tips on where to look or sources for us to consider, we'd love to hear them! Please comment below. 

Curious Cityis a news-gathering experiment designed to satisfy the public's curiosity. People like you submit questionsvote for their favorites, and WBEZ reports out the winning questions in real time on FacebookTwitter and the reporter's notebook above.

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