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It's time now to share your feedback.

Our coverage of the May Day immigration rallies got a couple of listeners on the phone last week.

One caller said he's appalled that undocumented immigrants are demanding rights.

CALLER: If they want to be Americans, then they need to start that process and do it legally. I am very unhappy that we will tolerate such nonsense in this city and in this nation.

Another listener called to ask why he never hears discussion about the responsibility of the Mexican government in coverage of the immigration debate.

Migration of another sort also inspired comments from a number of you.

Last week, we began a series exploring home-buying decisions in the Chicago area.

We started with the story of a Chicago teacher who just purchased his first home in the Woodlawn neighborhood.

A listener from the north side of Chicago called to say that he's witnessed gentrification in his neighborhood, and it's not pretty.

CALLER: You managed to find a person there who is glad that rich, white people are moving on the block. I bet you could have found 10 people just walking down the street who are not going to be glad about that.

Meanwhile, Jeremiah Stephan wrote to say that he appreciated the story, and to share his own experience living in Woodlawn.

Jeremiah says he and his girlfriend were excited to live in a neighborhood with a background and culture different from their own.

But they ended up targets of racial slurs and rocks.

Journalist Christopher Hayes listened to our conversation last week about the economics of remittances and wrote to say that he enjoys both Eight Forty-Eight and the contributions of economist Charlie Wheelan.

But he says Wheelan's ideas are representative of the Chicago School, and he'd like to hear other economic perspectives.

Julie Kanak emailed in appreciation of Eight Forty-Eight commentator Beth Finke's unique perspective.

Julie says Beth's thoughts on life without sight are always thought-provoking.

Many of you have emailed us recently to compliment our choices of music between segments and to find out just what that music is.

Well, friends, it's the work of Eight Forty-Eight director and resident music man Jason Marck.

You can always find more information about our music buttons on our Website.

Finally, Cyndi Robinson wrote just to let us know that she can't listen to Eight Forty-Eight producer Gianofer Fields without getting a huge smile on her face.

Neither can we, Cyndi. Thanks for letting us know.

Whether we put a smile on your face—or make you frown—we want to hear from you. Send us your comments by email or give us a call at 312-948-4701.

You can also drop us a postcard in care of Chicago Public Radio at Navy Pier, 848 East Grand Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611.

Be sure to tell us where you're from, how to pronounce your name, and if you don't want your comments aired.

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