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Bubbly Creek Experiment - Update

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It's been a week since Eight Forty-Eight's Gianofer Fields took bacteria samples from two bodies.

Gianofer's goal was to put them in a box under her desk and regularly test the samples to see which grew the most bacteria.

She's been keeping an eye on it, as have the rest of us.

Luckily, only producer Matt Cunningham had to become intimate with the samples. 

In this update, he, Gianofer and another co-worker brave the smell of methane gas for a peek at what's growing in the box.

Matt tells Gianofer he feels way too close for comfort.

Producers Gianofer Fields, Matt Cunningham and Facilities Manager and head of security Claude Cunningham seemed to have survived opening the box chock full o' bacteria.

But, it's really too early to tell.

View photosof the experiment.

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