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It's time now to reach into Eight Forty-Eight's mailbag for some of your comments and questions about the show.

Yesterday, we brought you a report on efforts to make air travel more environmentally friendly. 

Not everyone was so keen on that story.

A listener named Dan wrote to let us know that he found the suggestions for greener flying a little ridiculous, if not crazy.

He says he's not willing to pay more money or alter a flight itinerary to help the environment and he wonders if we can all save the world by doing other things.

Our coverage of the transit funding debacle prompted another listener to give us a call.

He lives in the suburbs, and would like to hear more about what Metra and Pace will receive in a funding deal…

[TAPE: It aggravates me that I live outside the city proper; I don't think that my tax dollars should be paying for someone to ride a bus or train in Chicago. My transportation costs have increased due to gas prices, but nobody's bailing me out. ]

Meanwhile, a listener named Susan emailed to comment on a conversation we had last week about organ safety.

Dr. Matt Kuehnert from the Centers for Disease Control joined us after the discovery that four Chicago patients were infected with HIV from organ transplants. 

Susan says, in her opinion, the advent of effective HIV treatments has contributed to a reckless attitude towards the risky behaviors normally associated with HIV. 

Jim Russell from the Illinois Association of School Boards emailed to express his appreciation for a conversation we had last week with Jacob Novar.

Novar unsuccessfully ran for his school board when he was a senior at Evanston Township High School.

Paul Larson appreciates the new perspective Tony Sarabia brought him with his story on the young rubab player Habib Wardack. 

Larson says he has over a dozen CDs of Middle Eastern music, both classic and contemporary, but had never heard the rubab before. 

And speaking of different,  last week we announced Eight Forty-Eight's first ever recipe contest after Crain's Chicago Business reported that Kraft Foods may sell some of its best-known products. 

We challenged you to send us your most delectable recipes that incorporate Grey Poupon mustard, A-1 steak sauce, and Toblerone chocolate, and my how you've responded.

Rick was kind enough to divulge his recipe for what he calls “Bleahch.”

With a name like that, how can you go wrong?

Now we can't give the entire recipe away, but we will tell you that he's managed to use only the three specified ingredients. 

Yes, tasting is believing. 

For those who missed our first calls for recipes, don't fret—we'll be accepting entries until the end of the month. 

If you win, you could be the lucky recipient of a steak sauce-chocolate-mustard gift bag, compliments of the 848 staff. 

And we may just have another surprise in store.

Send your entries, compliments or complaints to, or give us a call on the listener comment hotline at 312-948-4848

You can also drop us a postcard at 848 in care of Chicago Public Radio at Navy Pier. 848 East Grand Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611.

Be sure to tell us where you're from, how to pronounce your name, and let us know if you don't want your comments on the air.


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