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Autism Chronicles: Amy's Story, Part One

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Autism Chronicles: Amy's Story, Part One

Six-year-old Kollin is on the mild side of the autism spectrum.

Just about anyone who's done it will tell you – being good a parent is a tough job. Being a single parent is even harder. Add to that the challenges of raising a child with autism, and you have Amy Thompson's life. She's mother to 6-year-old Kollin and 4-year-old Olivia. Kollin's considered to be on the mild end of the autistic spectrum.

The disorder is one of the fastest-growing developmental disabilities in America. It affects one in every 150 children. As part of the ongoing series, Autism Chronicles, we present to you this day in the life of the Thompson family.

Our story on Amy Thompson is part of the Autism Chronicles series produced by Dan Collison and Elizabeth Meister for Long Haul Productions in association with Chicago Public Radio. Partial funding from the Coleman Foundation.

Tomorrow, we'll follow Amy Thompson as she seeks, for the first time, the support of other parents of autistic children.

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