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Young Chicago Women Return from Rwanda

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Young Chicago Women Return from Rwanda

Photo by Sonja Henderson

Imagine a landscape where pastoral hills meet urban skyline,women from opposite sides of the world gather there, under moonlight. That's the scheme of a mural near the capital of Rwanda, painted by a group of young women from the Chicago area who traveled to the African country.

The organization We-Actx set up the trip to bring together Americans and Africans who have HIV. Liz Watson of Evanston, who herself is not HIV positive, says the mural symbolized a connection across continents. She recorded some sound of that mural coming together. Liz Watson and her companions came back to Chicago over the weekend, and they brought along the young women from Rwanda. 17-year-old Watson and Charlotte Rwema, a 19-year-old from Rwanda, joined us in our studios.

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