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Dueling Critics: Dancing at Lughnasa

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Young Michael Evans lives with his mother and her sisters in a cottage outside the little Irish town of Ballybeg. The household is a bit topsy-turvy. Only one of the 5 women work, Michael's uncle has just returned from a loooong trip in Uganda, and Michael's father, a charming but completely unreliable rogue, pops in—but mostly out-- of the scene.

Sound familiar? It well might. Brian Freil won the Tony in 1992 for his memory play Dancing at Lughnasa. And now this tale of economic depression and sexual repression is playing under the stars at Oak Park Festival Theatre. Here to give it the play a twirl are two of the least repressed people I know, Jonathan Abarbanel and Kelly Kleiman, Eight Forty-Eight's Dueling Critics.

Dancing At Lughnasa runs through August 23rd at the Oak Park Festival Theatre at Austin Gardens.

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