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Sleepless with Celine

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Whether it's the election or the economy or something else keeping you awake into the wee hours beware the pitfalls of late-night channel surfing. Chicago Public Radio's Heidi Goldfein says you might experience the unexpected.

It was 1 am. My son's radio was still on in the next room – why he hasn't learned how to put it in sleep mode, I don't understand – but I had to get up to shut it off.  Problem with that was I could not, could not, could not fall back to sleep. 2am. Awake. 3am.  Still Awake. 3:30am. Get up and move into the TV Room. 

Middle of the night TV. That's another planet. I learned that I could learn for a fee how to make tons o' money trading on e-bay; I learned how I could learn how to buy federally auctioned homes for mere dollars – free and clear – I learned that lots of  adults still battle acne, but there's a solution that soothes and calms. 

I also learned that I'm moved by Celine Dion. Woah, back up.  Celine Dion? There, I said it. 

I like to think it was because I was completely sleep deprived that I was drawn to watching some hour long - dare I call it a documentary, and part one at that – on the life and career of Celine Dion.

There she was – with long flowing hair, with short spunky hair, in Michael Jackson-like trousers, in an elegant red cocktail dress, in who knows what kind of ballgown that was wind blowing -always blowing - as she's singing, dancing, talking. Hey, there she is chatting with Barbara Streisand. And there's Carol King talking about her….and wow, she's on stage singing with Aretha.

After learning about her incredibly large family, her fairy-tale wedding (so they say) to her manager more than 20 years her senior, and her success in Las Vegas, they start talking about the song.  You know which one...

Keep in mind, it's nearly 4am.  And there's the signature song.  I admit I was waiting to hear it.  Never really knew any of her other music.  Never saw the movie.  But that song, I swear, sitting in the dark, alone, it practically made me weep.

I apologize because now you are all stuck with that song ringing in your heads like I was the entire next day. In the light of day – pretty annoying.  I asked a colleague to put me out of my misery.  He'll attest.  But in the middle of the night, you never know what will move you…and you don't have to tell anyone.

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