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Adler Planetarium Projector in Spotlight

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Adler Planetarium Projector in Spotlight

The Adler’s current projector. (Photo provided by the Adler Planetarium)

NASA is wrapping up its 50th anniversary year with an event this Friday at the Adler Planetarium. But with today's troubled economy, will the federally-funded U.S. space program be able to survive much less thrive for another half-century? We invited the president of the Adler Planetarium, Dr. Paul Knappenberger, to come by our studios to talk about the NASA Future Forum and the future of space exploration. He says the dollars invested exploring space often end up helping improve people's everyday lives back on earth.

NASA education staff will be at the Adler Planetarium through Monday with special exhibitions from 10AM-3PM. On Friday from 10AM-1PM, there will be special activities open to the public. And two astronauts, Robert Satcher Jr. from Chicago and Ken Hamm, will be in Friday for a public meet-and-greet at 1:45PM.

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