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Obama's Plan For Crime Scrutinized

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The economy has understandably been dominating the Presidential campaign in recent weeks. But another issue that's captured hearts and headlines in Chicago is getting less attention on the national trail, even though many say the current financial situation only exacerbates it. That issue is crime. Here on the streets of Senator Barack Obama's hometown, travelling safely between two points—home and a friend's house or school—is sometimes a more pressing concern than even making next month's rent. 17-year-old Kiyanna Salter was killed by a stray bullet on a CTA bus Sunday night on the south side. And nearby another high schooler died this week after being struck in the head by a brick on the same night.

Both Obama and Senator John McCain have outlined plans to fight crime as President of the United States. But Radley Balko says Obama's support for community policing strategies is problematic. Balko's a senior editor for the libertarian Reason magazine, and outlines his arguments in a recent article at

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