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Miller, Rat and Bear

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Here's a clip from The Way Things Go, the 1987 installation and film by the Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss. The film is about 30 minutes of chain reactions in which things fall over, explode, light on fire and pretty much fall apart. It's one of the most popular, most watched art videos of all time – in fact the installation and film of The Way Things Go will be auctioned off this December at Christie's.

Now if you want to figure out how Fischli and Weiss came up with this idea, a new DVD presents a couple of their early films. Point of Least Resistance and The Right Way follow two characters – Rat and Bear –as they make the way through the world, prodding, poking, testing, stealing –setting off their own series of chain reactions. And Eight Forty-Eight film critic Jonathan Miller is here to tell us more.

Two films by Peter Fischli and David Weiss, Point of Least Resistance and The Right Way are out on DVD as of October 14.

Bed and Sofa
plays at the Gene Siskel Film Center this Saturday at 3 pm.

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