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City Budget Call-In

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Shortly after this show is over today, Mayor Richard M. Daley is expected to reveal his 2009 budget. The problem? There's a $469 million gap Da' mayor has to try and fill. It's a gap being made more difficult by the national problems and plant closings that are hitting close to home, like the expected closure of GM in Wisconsin. 

Daley himself was expected to layoff more than one thousand city workers. Instead, he ordered a shutdown of city government during some year-end holidays, except for police and fire departments for six days over the next two years. The move is expected to save nearly $20 million. But what about the rest of the deficit?

Now, just to be fair, Chicago isn't the only city facing a huge budget crisis. Every city government from New York to San Francisco is tight on cash. So, to get some solutions, we turn to you our erudite and wonderfully vocal listeners. What would you do to fix the deficit?

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