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Love Through a Low-Budget Lens

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Love Through a Low-Budget Lens

Mumblecore movies usually feature actors who aren't trained professionals, dialogue that is largely improvised, and settings that are pretty au naturel. The movies harness the power of the do-it-yourself ethic, with a little help from the flexibility of digital cameras!

Chicago's Joe Swanberg is among a group of rising mumblecore auteurs – he's a got a pack of critically acclaimed movies, including Hannah Takes the Stairs. Now Swanberg, along with his co-star and co-director Greta Gerwig, is out with a new flick, called Nights and Weekends. It's the story of a long-distance relationship between Chicago based James and his gal Maddie, who lives in New York City. The film screens this Monday, October 20 as part of this year's Chicago International Film Festival.

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