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Claypool Reacts to County Budget

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Cook County Board President Todd Stroger quietly released the details of his 2009 budget proposal yesterday. The document was originally set for release last week, but held back from commissioners and the public due to a host of errors. Without the nitty-gritty details, public debate fizzled until now. The board has set four dates for public hearings on the budget in the next two weeks.

And yesterday, Cook County Commissioner Forrest Claypool took to the WLS airwaves to blast Stroger's financial plan. Stroger was listening, and picked up the phone himself. The back-and-forth that followed set the stage, not just for the budget vote to come, but for a potential showdown in the 2010 Democratic primary for Board President. So just what are Cook County Commissioner Forrest Claypool's plans for the budget and beyond? We talk with him for reaction to the budget. 

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