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Three to See: With a Little Soul

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Three to See: With a Little Soul

Dolls of the World Series © Mattel, Inc. Photos by Jens Ziehe.

With the snow accumulating and an economic recession building, December can be a little stressful. Sure, the holidays are great for remembering what's important, but they can also bog us down with thoughts about what next year—and the next president—will bring. Or, perhaps more trivial, what to get your mom for Christmas. Try to push all that aside this weekend, and throw on your dancing shoes. Carrie Shepherd has this week's

Three to See.

Twisted into Recognition: Cliches of Jews and Others

Spertus Museum
Through January 18

Omer Fast: The Casting and Looking Pretty for God
Rymer Gallery at the School of the Art Institute
Through January 3

East of Edens Soul Express
Saturday, December 6 at 11:30 p.m.
The Hideout

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