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Dueling Critics on The Maids

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It's a pretty good bet that some time in your life you've said, “I'd like to throttle my boss”. But you were kidding. Or frustrated. You didn't really mean it. And you certainly didn't gather your colleagues for elaborate late-night roll-playing sessions where you acted out the abduction and murder of your employer.

Well, leave it to the people who brought you the Marquis de Sade—the French—to produce a play where that is, in fact, the story. It's Jean Genet's “The Maids”, currently in production at Writer’s Theater. And who could “put the whip” to this production better than our own masters of sadism and masochism, Dueling Critics Jonathan Abarbanel and Kelly Kleiman? Jonathan and Kelly, good morning.

The Maids, Thru April 5th at Writer's Theater in Glencoe

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