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Dueling Critics: The Seafarer

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Our “Hallmark Card” world is dead-set on drilling the joys of the holiday season into our heads. But for many--maybe most of us--Christmastime is often of trifecta of anger, sadness and loneliness. Take those emotional ingredients, drown them in several gallons of booze, and you've got the makings of a classic fenian soul-baring exercise. You've also got The Seafarer, a play by the young Connor McPherson that garnered rave reviews in London and on Broadway. It's currently on stage at Steppenwolf.
It's Christmas Eve and gathered together are a gaggle of down on their luck men, including our hero Sharkey, his newly-blind brother Richard and a couple of their hard-drinking buddies. With them is the mysterious Mr. Lockhart, who just might be the human incarnation of Old Scratch. Here to tell us about the production is Eight Forty-Eight dueling critic Jonathan Abarbanel. And while his better half Kelly Kleiman is away, we are happy to welcome special guest dueler Kerry Reid.

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