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Mayor Monday: A look at Chicago's crime problem

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Mayor Monday: A look at Chicago's crime problem

Chicago police rope off the area of a recent crime scene.

AP/Nam Y. Huh

Over the past few weeks, "Eight Forty-Eight" has been looking back at the way Mayor Richard M. Daley’s tenure has affected certain aspects of city life and exploring the challenges that the next mayor will face in a series called Mayor Mondays.

Monday, the show turned its attention to a problem plaguing Chicago: crime.

Constant headlines showcasing violent crime belies recent claims by the Chicago Police Department that violent crime is down. So, what’s the truth? Is there more intense media attention on fewer crimes or are CPD numbers not reflective of the action on the streets? And how have recent policies affected the crime rate?
For answers, "Eight Forty-Eight" turned to Jens Ludwig, director of the University of Chicago's Crime Lab which analyzes strategies on preventing crime. His research, among other things, looks at the effect of social policy on crime.  Professor Ludwig is currently a visiting scholar at the Russell Sage Foundation where he is studying the relation of neighborhood environment to well-being among low-income families.

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