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Postcard: Detroit's floating post office

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Twenty percent of the earth’s fresh surface water is contained in the five Great Lakes. From industry to recreation, the lakes affect life in the Great Lakes region. That connection is the focus of a new WBEZ series called Front and Center.

Over the next several weeks the series will be examining critical issues centered on water. The first installment takes a look at how the lakes affect our lives. 

In the banks of the Detroit River, there sits the J.W. Westcott. The ship is only 45 feet long.  But believe it or not, it has its own zip code.

Since 1874, the J.W. Westcott Company has served the Great Lakes Waterways,  delivering mail and freight to cargo ships on the Detroit River.

Zak Rosen provided an audio postcard for Front and Center - Chicago Public Media’s new series about the Great Lakes.

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