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Eight-piece rock and roll

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Eight-piece rock and roll

John Lennox of Panoramic & True

Who’s in the band Panoramic & True, a band that will play Eight Forty-Eight Tuesday morning and the Hideout Friday night? According to one local Chicago music blog, “all the instruments you could want.” With John Lennox on vocals, Jamie Carter on guitar, Patrick Pritchett on bass and Daniel Majid on drums, plus a string quartet comprised of A.J. and Amanda Bautista, Randy Mollner and April Savage, that just might be true.

To be clear, Panoramic & True is a rock and roll band, they just happen to be one with a full string quartet. The band is the project of John Lennox, who was previously a solo artist in Montreal. The lyrics “span the emotional range from dark to intimate to epic." Jessica Hopper, formerly of the Chicago Reader, called their sound “mercurial” noise pop that is “dark yet quizzical.” She also said that their new album, Wonderlust, which drops Friday, “should be bananas good.”

When the band joined Eight Forty-Eight live from the performance studio Tuesday morning, Tony Sarabia asked them about their unique sound -- and size. And here’s Lennox singing “Sweet Streets” solo on piano:


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