Curious City Scavenger Hunt: Chicago Eats Edition


Event details

Date/Time Fri, Aug 14 – Sun, Sep 13
Location City-wide
Chicago, Illinois 60606
Admission $10 - $20

Event description

Curious City’s inaugural scavenger hunt has concluded. Thanks to all who participated!

A list of all community areas and restaurants included in the hunt can be found here.


Team Division
1st Place: Con Chile
3rd Place: Will Scavenge for Food

Virtual Division
1st Place: Nacho Team
2nd Place: SnL
3rd Place: The Fart Institute of Chicago

Family Division
1st Place: The Three Muffin Teers
2nd Place: Boaty McBoatface
3rd Place: Asian Edition

It’s summer, the weather is warm and hopefully you’ve worked up an appetite. Here’s your chance to satisfy your cravings while exploring new cuisines and neighborhoods. Join Curious City for our very first city-wide scavenger hunt. We’ll give you clues that will lead you to nearly all of Chicago’s 77 community areas and specific restaurants within them recommended by WBEZ staff. It’s up to you to find them as you traverse the city.

The hunt will start on August 14, 2020 and conclude on September 13, 2020. Participants may choose to compete either in the “Team” division where all participants are 18+ in age; in the “Family” division for adults with minors, including parents or legal guardians; or in the “Virtual” division for participants of any age who can’t or choose not to physically travel to restaurants. After registering, participants will receive instructions on how to participate in the hunt. First, second and third place winners in each division will win a gift card to a local restaurant of their choosing.

So, lace up your shoes, grab your quarantine family, leave your home neighborhood and get to know the city better through the food that’s cooked and served up in every corner.

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