Generational Legacy: The Evolution of Black Activism

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Date/Time Tue, Aug 17 @ 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
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Black Activism has always been on the forefront of social and political change in America. From the civil rights era through today, the movement’s philosophy, tactics and goals have continually evolved.

Join WBEZ on August 17 for a virtual community conversation about Black activism in Chicago. WBEZ senior editor Alden Loury will speak with Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page about the past, present and future of the movement. We’ll also check in with a multi-generational panel of local activists to hear about their work over the past year and their vision for the future of Black activism.

We also want to hear your stories of activism. Tell us about your experiences in the movement and hopes for the future by following the registration link. We’ll share your stories during the event.