Smith Nature Symposium

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Date/Time Thu, Aug 13 – Fri, Oct 9
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Admission Free

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The Smith Nature Symposium is a seven-part series, hosted by Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods, and features solution-driven artists,scientists, and environmental leaders. The Symposium series begins on August 13th and culminates in the Awards Ceremony on October 2nd with the 2020 honorees: Bill McKibben and Sue Halpern. Bill Kurtis and Donna La Pietra join the Awards as Masters of Ceremonies, along with special guests.

The Smith Nature Symposium is a celebration of nature, the arts, and individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the science of conservation and deepened the study and understanding of the natural world.The event supports Brushwood Center’s community programs and COVID-19 crisis response.

About Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods

Nestled in 565 acres of pristine woodland in the historic Ryerson home in Riverwoods, Illinois, Brushwood Center promotes the importance of nature for nurturing personal and community wellbeing, cultivating creativity, and inspiring learning. In doing so, we honor the legacy of those who came before us on this land and champion a region where people will care about and for nature. Brushwood Center offers world-class programming with nearly 200 artists each year to deepen the public’s connection with the environment in an intimate setting where nature, conservation, and art coexist in their entire splendor. Our audiences include veterans, children, families,business people, and others looking to the arts as a pathway for connecting to nature throughout the region.