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June 18, 2018: Hour 1

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President Trump blames Democrats for an administration policy of separating children from parents at the U.S.-Mexico border. Critics say he's using an old law to try to force border security legislation, and many other Republicans have continued to voice their opposition to the policy. Also, across the country and beyond, drug donations are quietly emerging. At least 37 states in the U.S. have created drug donation programs for unused medication. But in Athens, Greece, a tech startup is helping people redistribute their leftover medicine through an app called GivMed. We speak with the app's co-founder. And, while there's a whole industry around getting into the top few schools in the country, one college counselor says putting all your efforts into those name-brand schools may not be the best approach. That and more, in hour one of Here & Now's June 18, 2018 full broadcast.

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