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I don’t think I’m all that contentious, but…

SHARE I don’t think I’m all that contentious, but…

Neph Basedow at the Houston Press apparently does: I claimed two spots on her recent account of the “Top Five Musician/Journalist Feuds”—a fun read, for sure.

This blogger lost out on the No. 1 slot to Lynn Hirschberg, Victoria Clarke, and various others, thanks to their numerous battles with Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. But hey, it was an honor just to be nominated—that is, if you read “feud" as "a critic prompting a reaction from an artist for actually daring to be, you know, critical,” as I prefer to look at these things.

Adding to the flattery: My silly exchange with Ryan Adams (which actually was one-sided, and all on his side) actually ranks above Lester Bangs’ infamous back-and-forth with Lou Reed! Heady stuff, I tell ya.

On the other hand, maybe it’s justified: Based on the number and the frequency of the inquiries I receive about the Adams brouhaha, as well as its seemingly endless proliferation on the Net, it might actually be the most popular track that musician ever produced. And I’m happy to have inspired it (though it was not I who disseminated it, honest; I merely played it once on "Sound Opinions," and it took off from there).

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here it is, in all its (not-safe-for-work) unexpurgated glory.  And here is the review that prompted it. (Despite Adams’ contention, that happens to be the only time I ever reviewed him in concert. As for the “Wish you were anywhere but here” line he references, that was the headline, and not something that I wrote.) (Oh, and by the way, Adams will release his 12th studio album, a 21-song set entitled "Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - III/IV," on Dec. 14.)

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