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Linksomania: More on Pitchfork, Odd Future and the advocacy groups

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Linksomania: More on Pitchfork, Odd Future and the advocacy groups

Odd Future

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Pitchfork didn’t mention Odd Future in its press release announcing that it has invited domestic violence groups, rape victims advocates, and gay rights groups into this weekend’s festival, but several other Chicago media outlets have followed this blog in making the connection crystal clear in recent posts.

Here’s Thomas Conner in the Chicago Sun-Times: Odd Future’s strange present: Local advocates seek to balance lyrics of rape, violence, homophobia. Here’s Greg Kot in the Chicago Tribune: Odd Future booking puts Pitchfork Festival in an odd position. And here’s Kim Bellware in Chicagoist: Do the right thing: Pitchfork adds anti-violence advocates to the festival.

Conner’s piece is the most notable because he spoke to a member of the collective, Hodgy Beats (Gerard Damien Long). The rapper explains the group’s lyrics by saying, “Sometimes it’s us seeing who comes up with the sickest sh--, the most disgusting thing they can throw in.” Then he adds, “The media is stupid. Niggers should ignore it.”

As for homophobia in Odd Future lyrics, Hodgy Beats says, “There’s gays running around and sh--, but when you call someone a faggot people think you’re talking about a gay person.”

Conner, who is gay, adds, “When I asked for clarification as to how else he might define and employ the word ‘faggot,’ the phone went dead. We either lost the overseas connection or he hung up.”

The Pitchfork Webzine's news section still has not written a word about the advocacy groups attending the festival to protest--or raise consciousness as a result of--Odd Future's presence on the bill. And before you chalk that up to the zine being reluctant to address the fest, note that it did trumpet the festival’s expansion to Paris this October.


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