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Legaspi: P4k Day 2: Twin Shadow and Zola Jesus

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Legaspi: P4k Day 2: Twin Shadow and Zola Jesus

WBEZ/Robert Loerzel

Special Pitchfork Music Festival Contributor

George Lewis, Jr. who performs as Twin Shadow, injected a bit of fun and ‘80s nostalgia into the preceding hushed, dreamscape atmosphere with a dance-driven set. Lewis bounced to every beat his drummer threw down, such as during the swirly “I Can’t Wait,” a song that had summer written all over it, including in the actual lyrics. Other highlights included “Castles in the Snow,” with its push and pull sentiment of love’s battles and the simmering “Forget.”

Zola Jesus. Photo by Robert Loerzel.

But it was Zola Jesus who brought the Blue stage to a proper, more rousing close. While Nika Roza Danilova, aka Zola Jesus, may be petite, don’t let her diminutive stature fool you. From her performance at Pitchfork, she was a force commanding at least three times her stature. It was a bit disconcerting at first, observing the pretty, barefooted Danilova in a ruffled dress skip and twirl around the stage – her look implied more vixen popstar than the gothy, dramatic singing and music that ensued. The juxtaposition, however, worked in her favor. Whether she was practically leaving the ground while pounding a cymbal full-force, or at the lip of the stage addressing the audience, there was something exceedingly charming about her buoyant demeanor contrasted against her evocative, operatic vocal runs atop dark and moody music.

Zola Jesus. Photo by Andrew Gill.

The military-like beat of “Night” enhanced the haunting, sultry lyrics and Danilova’s powerfully belted delivery. Likewise, the skittery-beat and tempestuous synths of “Sea Talk” played the perfect complement to her heartfelt, soulful singing. Sadly, there weren’t many people in attendance. They missed out.

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