Live Updates: Chicago Protests and Unrest

CTA riders confused, delayed as service disruptions continue

The Chicago Transit Authority is once again severely limiting its service Tuesday, preventing passengers from getting anywhere near downtown Chicago on buses or trains. The CTA suspended its service altogether for the second straight night between 9 p.m. Monday and 6 a.m. Tuesday in response to ongoing unrest.

Buses and trains are not allowing passengers to travel between Western Avenue and the lakefront, and Belmont Avenue and 47th Street, “at the request of public safety officials,” according to the CTA. The restrictions caused major headaches for commuters Tuesday, many of whom said the city had not done enough to communicate the changes to passengers, and complained that the transit agency seemed disorganized when service resumed in the morning.

This morning, dozens of riders required to get off a Blue Line train headed toward the Loop were scrambling to figure out how they would get to work downtown. Belen Sandoval said she did not see or hear any warning that the train would be stopping at Western when she got on.

“Now I have to find a way to work,” Sandoval said. “So I’m going to get an Uber and see if we can make it there.”

Meanwhile, David Gilmore was trying to get home. Gilmore said he got done with his overnight shift at O’Hare International Airport at 5 a.m., had to wait an hour for trains to start running, and then was forced off the train at the Western stop. He estimated he would be at least two hours later getting home than normal.