Live Updates: Chicago Reacts To Toledo Video

What We Know And Still Don’t Know About The Police Killing Of Adam Toledo

Chicago officials released footage of a controversial shooting that has reignited criticism of the police department and its use of force.

What the footage shows: The teenager is seen raising his hands above his head and complying with police commands when he was shot.

One video also appears to show the boy holding a gun behind his back an instant before the officer opened fire, but it is not clear whether he was still holding the gun as he raised his hands above his head.

The videos released today provide some answers about what happened the night Adam was killed. Here are some questions that remain unanswered.

Will the officer be charged? The Civilian Office of Police Accountability is still conducting an investigation into Adam’s shooting, and it’s not clear when their probe will come to an end.

If the officer is charged, can Cook County prosecutors handle the case or does it have to go to a special prosecutor? During a bond hearing for a 21-year-old man who was with Adam the night he died, Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy said Adam had “a gun in his right hand.” 

But shortly before the videos were released today, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s office said the prosecutor “failed to fully inform himself before speaking in court.”

What is the lasting political damage to Lightfoot? Mayor Lori Lightfoot faced criticism over the handling of the shooting since day 1. And the shooting comes as critics accuse Lightfoot of slow walking police reforms she campaigned on.