Live Updates: Elections 2020 In Illinois

In the 14th Congressional District, The Wait For Results

Coming off a campaign rally in Wisconsin with President Donald Trump last night, Republican Congressional candidate Jim Oberweis kicked off his campaign watch party at a hotel with several supporters and campaign workers.

Oberweis is challenging Democrat incumbent Lauren Underwood to represent the sprawling 14th congressional district in northeastern Illinois.

The Oberweis campaign has two rooms for the campaign event, with 25 people allowed per room. Despite inviting media to the event, it was closed last-minute to the press, who were invited instead to camp out in the parking lot.

“I feel bad for you guys out here in the cold,” Oberweis said. “Of course it isn’t as cold as it was last night in Kenosha.”

Oberweis addressed reporters in the parking lot and said he’s hopeful despite Underwood’s initial lead, saying he’s told that lead was due to mail-in ballots.

“We kind of knew we’d be down on those. Now as the precincts are starting to report, it’s getting much better,” Oberweis said.

Meanwhile, Underwood is holding a virtual event, with promised appearances from former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg and Illinois U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth, among others.

“We have a great evening ahead of us … with D.J. Frankie … and a few surprises as well,” Underwood campaign advisor Ronnie Cho said.