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Live updates: Omicron Variant in Chicago

Chicago’s COVID case and positivity rates are down from last week

Dr. Allison Arwady
Dr. Allison Arwady, commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health, speaks to reporters on March 24, 2020, in Chicago. Tyler LaRiviere / Chicago Sun-Times via AP, Pool

There’s a glimmer of hope in Chicago regarding COVID-19: the daily average case rate is down, and so is the positivity rate.

As of Tuesday, there are 4,378 cases per day in the city – down 24% from last week’s figure.

This number is only meaningful when examined alongside the positivity rate, which is down 19% from last week.

“In that same context, remember, we always say we want to look at cases and positivity together. If you see those cases and positivity moving the same direction, you know, it’s a real chain,” Chicago Public Health Director Allison Arwady said. “So if you’re seeing both cases and positivity go up, you know, things are getting worse. If cases and positivity are both going down, you know, things are getting better. And if they’re going in opposite directions, you have to do a little more looking closely.”

Although the decrease in case and positivity rates is cause for hope, the number of hospitalizations and deaths are up by 18% and 38% respectively.

Arwady said she plans to answer more people’s questions about isolation and quarantine on Thursday.