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Morning Shift: December 4, 2015

The quote "Prayer is like a rocking’ll give you something to do but it won’t get you anywhere" is attributed to the American burlesque entertainer Gypsy Rose Lee. Many people have that been expressing that sort of feeling in the wake of the mass shooting that happened in San Bernardino, saying prayer won’t fix America’s problem with gun violence. And some have been critical of Republican politicians who have offered up “prayers and thoughts” to the families of victims, while taking large donations from the NRA. We tackle the backlash against prayer and why it’s popping up now when it really wasn’t an issue after the terrorist attacks in Paris. Plus, we break down the ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata, the play that inspired Spike Lee’s new film Chiraq. And we talk about the political troubles of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. He’s facing challenges in the wake of the firing of his police superintendent, and with the release of another police shooting video expected next week, things could get even harder for the mayor.

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