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Adler Team Searches For Space Rocks In The Lake

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From the depths of space to the depths of Lake Michigan, Adler team searches for meteorites

On an early Monday morning last February, a giant green flash appeared over Lake Michigan.

That flash was a car-sized meteor breaking up as it hit Earth’s atmosphere. 

Pieces of that meteor are sitting at the bottom of the lake, and the Adler Planetarium is on a mission to find those fragments in a mission called the Aquarius Project.

In this Morning Shift interview, you'll hear about the project, its unorthodox crew and the podcast that’s tracking its progress.

GUESTS: Aubrey Henretty-Adler Planetarium Senior Writer

Chris Bresky-Adler Planetarium teen programs manager, leading the Aquarius Project 

LEARN MORE: Adler Planetarium Aquarius Project Page

Meteor makes the national news (YouTube)

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