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Sue The T. Rex Makes Triumphant Return To Field Museum

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SUE the T. Rex

SUE is the largest, most complete T. Rex skeleton ever discovered. SUE moved to a brand new exhibit at the Field Museum December 21st.

Zissoudisctrucker/Wikimedia Commons

One media dinosaur out, another media dinosaur in. Just as Tony Sarabia retires as host of WBEZ's Morning Shift on Friday, Sue the T. Rex is back on display at the Field Museum.

Sue is the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton ever discovered. The dinosaur is moving into a brand new exhibit in the museum's Griffin Halls of Evolving Planet. Sue maintains a Twitter account full of sassy replies to museum visitors, with nearly 50,000 followers. They even threatened Morning Shift intern Char Daston for calling them dead. 

Joining the Morning Shift to talk about Sue's past, present and future is Kate Golembiewski, science communications manager at the Field Museum.

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I (SUE the T. rex) am moving to my own place and all y’all are invited. (Field Museum)

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