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What Do Chicago's Aldermen Do?

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chicago city hall

A directory sign is shown inside Chicago’s City Hall on July 25, 2018.

Bill Healy/WBEZ

Over on 121 North Lasalle, or City Hall, there’s the mayor… there’s the treasurer… the city clerk… and 50 elected officials who make up Chicago’s City Council. Of course, those 50 officials are Chicago's aldermen.

They’re the officials residents go to for just about anything in their neighborhoods, from maintenance to potholes to building permits. Each alderman typically goes to bat for the needs of their ward in City Council.

Today, as you know, voters in all 50 wards will be casting their ballots for the aldermanic candidate of their choice.

But what do aldermen do beyond their wards? And what aren’t they doing? ProPublica Illinois reporter Mick Dumke joins the Morning Shift to give some insight on the jobs of aldermen. 

GUEST: Mick Dumke, reporter for ProPublica Illinois

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