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Nerdette Book Club: Hernan Diaz on 'Trust' + The light turquoise novel 'Trust' sits on a wooden bookshelf sitting next to an array of colorful books

Anna Bauman

Nerdette Book Club: Hernan Diaz on 'Trust'

This December, Nerdette Book Club is enjoying Hernan Diaz’s new novel, Trust. This puzzle of a novel is centered around the richest couple in the world just before the Great Depression. With competing narratives and differing perspectives, readers are invited to reconsider ideas around wealth in America and the moral complexity of the accumulation of capital.

In this spoiler-free episode, Hernan discusses the similarities between the 1920s and today, the rhetoric of male power, and who does – and doesn’t – have the power to tell their own story.

Stay tuned for a spoiler-filled episode later this month, but before then, tell us what you think! Email your thoughts about Trust to for a chance to be featured in the final book club discussion of the year!

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