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Studio 312 goes green with their new remote vehicle

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Yes, we finally got our wish and received funding for a new remote vehicle. Last week, Studio 312 was awarded a grant from the good people at The Mac Murray Foundation. It came in a little smaller ($300) than we’d hoped ($50,000), but what matters most is the recognition. Unfortunately, in our grant application we promised to spend the money on a new remote vehicle, so a trip to Vegas was out of the question. After looking at used cars in that price range, and in keeping with the mission of the show, I decided to purchase this environmentally friendly Ten Speed Schwinn Suburban.


I felt that it was important to Studio 312, to our listeners, and our country to go green both in color and in principal. Ultimately I am an environmentalist first and a journalist second. I am confident with our new remote vehicle we will able to cover the parts of the city and the outlining suburbs that aren’t accessible by public transportation, giving you the listener the kind of reporting you have come to rely on with me and my staff at Studio 312. Again I want to thank the good people at Mac Murray foundation for giving us exactly enough to buy this bike. The total cost for the New Remote Vehicle, U Shape Lock and trip for two to The HorseShoe Casino came to $300.00 even. The helmet is mine, I got it when I was covering the demolition of Meigs Field. Management has instructed me that this vehicle is for business use only, and it’s not for personal use, but I feel they have no way of catching me, they’re usually in meetings all day. So you will see me a lot more around town in our new remote vechile, so if you see me out there honk to let us know we made the right decision. And remember Walk (or bike), Don’t Run.


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