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Denver DNC: Another '68?

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Not exactly. According to those who were at the tumultuous ’68 DNC in Chicago, this year’s event in Denver should be a walk in the park ( pun intended). Although some of the same wartime issues resonate, this year’s convention promises to be less contentious.‚ Barbara from Evanston told me that her late father, a staunch Democrat, would be pleasantly surprised to see Obama’s name on the ballot. Barbara is just one of many stories we’ve collected about the historic event that stretched from Lincoln Park to Grant Park, and out to Lake Shore Drive. Gordon Quinn, co-founder of Kartemquin Films, remembers the tear gas forcing drivers to pull off Lakeshore. While protesters were waiting for the air to clear, the National Guard dropped a lone guardsman in the chaos. He was just a kid, and out of fear, he cocked his rifle. Gordon, a filmmaker, ironically, didn’t have his camera. (Listen to his story). Stories like these are what captures that historic event-more than the footage that finds its way into films from the era, more than the legends that make the rounds. For every person we talked to, they had 2 more names we should call. Know someone with a tale? Maybe you’ve heard your mom’s ‘60s stories a billion times, but help us share them. It might be that one moment we’re missing. We’ve set up a voicemail where you can call and leave your story and we’ll get it up on the web as part of your collection.‚ If you, your mom, or someone you know has a story from ’68, have them call us at 888-450-6502.

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