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Conventional Wisdom or Denver Nuggets?

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Hello from the DNC in Denver. My name is Justin and I am the web editor and producer of the majority of Chicago Public Radio’s canceled programs. I’ll be blogging the convention all week til they take away my credentials. I am excited to be a part of the Chicago Public Radio convention coverage and I’ll be bringing you a full-time account of the festivities surrounding the presumptive nomination of the junior senator from Illinois. This isn’t the first time I’ve covered a political convention. I was at the United Center for the 1996 DNC in Chicago. There’s a picture of it somewhere in my desk drawer if any web producers want to scrounge it up for me. It’s when I had hair and Steve Waranauskus wore hockey jerseys to work. Inside joke: Steve still wears hockey jerseys to work. There were some great memories from that convention. I remember Dick Kay (channel 5 news) pushing me out of his stand-up down on the floor. He gave a quick “You’re in my shot kid!” like an old-timey reporter and physically pushed me. Also, I remember they had a massive food tent that represented every hot-dog/beef joint in town. Oh, and I remember a bunch of balloons or confetti dropping after Clinton spoke. And I distinctly remember telling Johanna Zorn that I wasn’t available to help clean that up. So you can count on me to get pushed by reporters, eat free food and avoid manual labor. There are over 1,000 events, parties and meetings this week in Denver. My plan? To attend every single one. No sleep. No complaining. Oh wait. Darn. I just looked at the list and I’ve already missed about 35 from yesterday and this morning. And I am planning on taking a nap in a second, which means I’ll probably miss 15 more in the next hour. Hmmm. Scratch my original plan. I’ll just go with the flow. Check out the web site every day for stories from our reporters Ben Calhoun and Rob Wildeboer. I’ll also be recording the breakfast meetings for the Illinois delegation, which will be available every day around noon. And check back here all week for some fun. I plan to track down Illinois delegates, hang out with protesters and soak up a bit of the Denver culture. When I come back, you’ll think I was from here. Hey, quick question - what’s in a Denver Omelette? The DNC: It’s like the carpet-salesman convention, but with more rugs.

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