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Harold & Kumar Go to..the DNC?

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Kal Penn (Harold & Kumar, 24) is not shooting a new movie. He’s not trying out for a role. He’s not even doing interviews. Nope. He’s a whip for the Virginia delegation on the floor of the Pepsi Center. He helps delegates find their seats and is there to answer questions and keep them happy. Plus you have to wear a neon penny.‚ It’s a real thankless job and usually done by interns or young people trying to get into politics. When I asked him what he was doing, he said he has been working for the Obama “cause” for the last year. He has family in Virginia. When I asked him to do a quick interview he was gracious, but told me “nah, I really can’t. Call the press office and set something up. They know I’m down here”. He posed for the photo, but then went back to helping Virginia delegates navigate the crowd and soak up the DNC.

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