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Who's ready for a jumbo-tron dance party?

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It’s a beautiful day in Denver but I’m still inside blogging. This morning I debated skipping the IL breakfast. Nothing ever happens at those, right? See, convention coverage is a mix between watching paint dry and Nascar. At one moment, you have NOTHING to report on so you wonder if you can put together a montage remix of how many times you’ve heard “Yes We Can” in a delegation speech. And then? Bam, Congressman Jackson Jr. and Mayor Daley hug, cry, hug and electrify the room. I spent the better part of the morning trying to get the video up on the site. I just wanted to beat the Sun-Times. They have a couple sharp new media producers that seem to always be a step or two ahead of me. But today was my day to shine (or press record and bumrush the podium). When that was over, I was exhausted. And I realized that I had to pick up my credential for the Pepsi Center by 1pm. I realized this at 1:15pm. No problem, I’ll find the paperwork that tells me where to go after 1pm. Oh, it tells me that I’m out of luck - if you don’t get it by 1pm, you forfeit it for the night. So I hurried down in the cab, explaining to the Denver driver how significant the hug was and then showed up at the Hampton Inn. I ran upstairs and..........they were still there. So I’m in like Erol Flynn. So no worries, I will have a credential for tonight’s speeches, including Mayor Richard M. Daley. He’s speaking at 5pm. For those who don’t watch the C-Span coverage, this is not the most coveted spot. It’s usually sandwiched between a dance-break for the jumbo-tron and a 2-3 minute panel discussion with area comptrollers. Nobody really pays too much attention. But we will, right? Daley had a great speech yesterday where he said “It’s OK to like John McCain, but you don’t have to vote for him”. Daley will have a heavily orchestrated 2-3 minute speech tonight reminding us of Barack Obama’s Chicago heritage and that “yes we can” come together as a party. I wish he would just get up there and give one word answers to questions from reporters. That could be the best speech of the year. So we’re going to leave soon for the Pepsi Center. We sit in the practice gym for the Denver Nuggets. That’s where we file from. It’s sort of like the scene from Revenge of the Nerds where the nerds have to live in the gym? Yeah, it’s sort of like that. Now that this blog is over, time for another jumbo-tron dance party!

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