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Breaking News: Justin gets on the floor?

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About to the money speech here at the DNC at the Invesco Field. The word here in the filing center is that the shared wireless and internet is crapping out due to the large demand. I’ve tried to upload video and pictures to the blog and some of Jan Schakowsky’s speech. None of it is working. So should we read a book? Maybe open gym? Watch a filmstrip? I just went down on the floor. The way it works is that you have credentials to get into the building. You turn those credentials in to get 30 minute floor passes that get you on the field. But they watch closely and penalize you if you blow past.‚ A lot of the local television media have “Camera Stand” credentials, which puts them up on that huge platform. That’s where you see Suppelsa or Allison Payne interviewing Jesse Jackson Jr.‚ But they shut down the floor passes early to avoid huge crowds. But they shut down the booth and split to get in position for the Obama speech without grabbing the ones that were out. So as of right now (7:30pm Mountain) we have a credential to hit the floor.‚ Stay tuned. I may not blog til later tonight when I get back to the condo. If I get the chance to get on the floor for the big speech, I’ll have some great video and pictures.

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